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My name is Kala McBride. I’m a second generation business owner, entrepreneur, licensed CPA and mother. As a business owner, I understand the day to day struggles of running a business and know that bookkeeping is typically the last thing on your mind. And as a parent, I know there’s never enough time in the day to accomplish what needs done. My goal is to eliminate the stress and headaches that bookkeeping and tax compliance cause so you can focus on your business, your family, and your passions. 

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We realize that accounting and compliance issues are sources of major stress for most business owners. You didn’t go into business looking for stress or extra burdens. We want to handle your day to day accounting needs AND provide you with understandable and actionable business advice that allows you to make more money and spend more time on what you love. No cookie cutter solutions. Just real advice for where you and your business are today. 

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